Vision Driveways Queens Park B

The client was a retired civil engineer who had been stationed in the far east most of his career, his wife a native of the far east. 

Furthermore, their combined attention to detail was second to none, and Vision Driveways and Landscaping not only met expectations they had of the job – but far surpassed them. 

Queens Park Driveways Patios.

Questions answered

Time spent with the customers pre-job is some of the most important time that a driveway and landscaping company can spend with a client, here Vision Driveways and Landscaping make sure that every single question and query is answered, from the tiniest detail right down to the addition of a flower bed in the middle of the drive, not only breaking up the vast drive, but allowing for a creative and beautiful finish to an already beautiful driveway!

Attention to detail

Vision Driveways and Landscaping finished the wall and pavement, and an addition that was loved by both clients was a small demarcation mark separating the path to the driveway, although they are on the same level, this tiny piece of border adds a depth of finish to the entire job that just would not be there otherwise.

Vision Leaders

Both clients agree, that out of all the driveway and landscaping companies in Dorset and Hampshire, Vision Driveways and Landscaping was the only company to offer what they thought was the perfect, complete package, with every little piece of the puzzle fitting together to create the perfect picture for their home for many years to come.

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